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Welcome to Slang’s Legal Hub!

Here, you’ll be able to find all legal resources related to our company, as well as the terms and conditions under which we offer our services.

What you will find here

All of the policies and agreements that regulate our commercial relations with our clients, users, and the public in general. These apply to our website, the Learn App, the Learning Management System (LMS), and all other products and services developed by Slang.

Remember: it’s possible that one or more of these terms apply to you. For that reason, we recommend that you take your time to read the documents carefully before you provide us your personal information or use our website or app.

Legal Information

For the public in general

If you are a client, user, partner, or visitor of our website, this information is for you.

For users

If you are about to, or are already studying with the Slang platform, it’s important for you to read the following documents.

For clients

If you are already a Slang client, or you are planning to become one, we recommend you check out the following links.

Important: to make sure that you are able to easily consult this information, we have translated each document into the languages of the countries where we offer our services. However, the original versions are in English, and they will always be the reference for any type of legal action or reclamation.


If you have any doubts or queries about the documents shared on this website, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will offer you assistance.


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