High-performance teams speak professional English.

Slang is the largest platform for learning professional and specialized English. We help multinational companies go beyond basic English.
Leading companies trust Slang for professional English education.
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Take control of the learning process.


Clearly define learning goals for departments and roles with advice from our team of consultants.


Keep your employees motivated by recognizing their success.


Identify high-potential employees by assessing English proficiency and soft skills.


Increase employee retention through learning and development opportunities.

Put global knowledge and connections at your company’s fingertips.

Enable access to education

Take advantage of abundant high-quality online courses and training programs in English to stay ahead of your competitors.

Build stronger global connections

Discover new business opportunities and develop better relationships with customers, partners, vendors, and headquarters.

You’re not alone! Our experienced customer-success consultants are here to help.

Through our Customer Success Program, we can help you implement a truly effective e-learning program based on Slang best practices. We’ll give your people the support, tools, and learning environment they need to become confident bilingual professionals.

Top-notch onboarding and support

Our corporate clients receive personalized service to help you get the most out of Slang.

The right tools

Our premium content recommendations and study tips create the foundation for effective learning and practice.

An optimal learning environment

Our methods for creating a motivating group-learning environment increase engagement by up to 30%, so your employees reach fluency faster.

Teach your employees English that’s related to your company’s processes.

You’re a multinational company with English as the official language—can you imagine your employees studying English from your own policies and handbooks?

We turn your company’s content into custom-built English courses and make them available to all your employees worldwide.

The fastest path to success

Your employees study precisely what they need to contribute and succeed at your company.

Increased engagement

Courses tailored to your processes and industry are more engaging and useful.

A comprehensive bilingual strategy

Reinforce your company’s policies and processes while also teaching highly relevant English.

Slang is the first app that allows companies to build custom English courses from any digital content using cutting-edge technology out of MIT, Princeton, and Stanford.

Microsoft Blog: Slang, Personalized Language Software

95% of business leaders consider mastery of English to be a key competency that determines workplace success.

Survey of 734 business leaders and managers conducted by Korn Ferry.

Slang has a plan for every business.

Slang has a plan for every business.

$8/ user / monthbilled
$5/ user / monthbilled
$3/ user / monthbilled
Slang Conversational English courses
Slang Conversational English courses
Slang Conversational English courses
Slang Conversational English courses
Slang Professional English courses
Slang Professional English courses
Slang Professional English courses
Slang Professional English courses
Customer Success Program
Customer Success Program
Customer Success Program
Customer Success Program
Proficiency testing
General English (CEFR)Proficiency testing: General English (CEFR)
Professional & General English (CEFR)Proficiency testing: Professional & General English (CEFR)
Professional & General English (CEFR)Proficiency testing: Professional & General English (CEFR)
Learning-Management System (LMS)
Learning-Management System (LMS)
Learning-Management System (LMS)
Our platform with your institutional brand
Our platform with your institutional brand
Professional course prioritization
Professional course prioritization

All amounts shown in USD.

All amounts shown in USD.

Got questions?
We’ve got answers.

What are the payment options for businesses?

You’ll be billed in advance, and you can pay either by credit card on our site or by EFT. (And if you don’t know what “EFT” means, take our Finance course!)

Can I switch between corporate plans or add more users?

Of course! You can change your plan freely. You can also purchase additional ten-user packages at any time. Depending on the changes you make, you may receive a new invoice or a credit for the next billing cycle.

Can I use Slang across various countries and organizations?

Absolutely. Many of our customers are large business groups or multinationals with a presence in various countries. Our Enterprise plan (for 400 users or more) is the perfect solution, offering the best savings and benefits.

Can I cancel my corporate plan?

You can cancel at any time without penalty. The remaining time on your subscription will be converted into Slang credit for your organization, which you can use to reactivate your account whenever you please.

Tons of professionals love our English courses.

I like that it’s an easy and practical way to learn English through basic concepts, native pronunciation, and clear explanations of specialized content.

Blanca Camargo is studying Project Management English

Slang’s content lets you learn what you need to manage a conversation in English about any topic. It’s a fun way to learn English. After doing the pronunciation activities, I’ve been able to improve both my speaking and my listening comprehension.

Lía Esperanza Cuta is studying Management English

I’m really happy with Slang and the huge variety of specialized English courses that I have access to. I’ve learned a lot and it’s helped me with professional development. It’s been very easy for me and my coworkers.

Florencio Ortiz is studying Logistics & Supply Chain English

Ready to create a truly bilingual organization?

Get Slang for your employees today.

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