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We’re building a world-class team to revolutionize language learning with cutting-edge technology and beautiful design.

Why work at Slang?

Slang will give you opportunities to boost your career: we provide an environment where you can unleash your potential, meet ambitious goals, and constantly innovate in your area of expertise. Slangers also span the globe: you’ll be working with cross-functional teams across many different countries.

A great company is built by recruiting great people. Our strategy is to attract top talent, develop them, and keep them engaged. We work around the clock to make Slang a great place to work!

Our culture

We have a flexible, adaptable culture and a relatively flat organizational structure. We focus on being collaborative over hierarchy-oriented, and we believe good ideas can come from any experience level.

Our culture is results-oriented, built on trust and autonomy. Every Slanger is encouraged to cultivate a continuous improvement mindset and find new ways to operate.

We are a people-oriented company: we encourage a healthy work-life balance among our team members and do our best to maintain it.

Diversity at Slang

We’re committed to creating and sustaining a healthy work environment where every team member feels respected, valued, safe, and able to realize their full potential. Every Slanger can create the career path they seek without fear of stereotyping, unequal opportunities, or other forms of discrimination.

We’re lucky enough to have Slangers from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Nigeria, and Rwanda. We’re working to expand the range of cultural backgrounds among our teams and to ensure gender balance within each area as the company grows.

Our non-negotiable values


Always treat people the way you want to be treated.


Behave in an honest, fair, and ethical way, showing consistency between words and actions.


Engage in open and clear communication, taking accountability for your actions.

Our core values

Challenging the status quo

The desire to push the boundaries and try new things, without assuming that the current way of doing things is the best or only way.


The passion, perseverance, and growth mindset required to achieve goals.


A humble and gracious approach to understanding and learning from others and taking action for the good of the team, with a willingness to share and recognize diversity.


The focus and attention on producing output that we are proud of and excited to share.

Benefits & Perks

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Get to know our team

At Slang we constantly seek gender equality through transparency in our recruitment processes, career paths, and training sessions. We believe in the richness that different kinds of people bring to our team and the advantages of having diverse points of view.
Nathalia Hernández Cruz
Head of HR, Colombia
My journey with Slang has been totally rewarding. I feel proud to belong to a tech company with such a talented, collaborative, and diverse team, in which I’ve grown professionally. Slang is synonymous with continuous learning: it challenges you, listens to your voice, and always values the effort you put in.
María Fernanda López
Customer Success Lead, Mexico
Working at Slang has been an amazing experience! We learn new things on a daily basis, developing ourselves personally and professionally. What I like the most is being able to unlock learners’ potential through professional English, not to mention our one-of-a-kind team!
Danilo Quintella
Senior Content Editor, Brazil
Slang is a place where I get to learn new things from incredible people every day. I've had the opportunity to try things out, explore, and have an impact. I've found my second family here, along with the support to help me grow as a person and as a professional every step of the way.
María Lucía Pardo
Growth Associate, Colombia
I've had the opportunity to develop an entire commercial operation from scratch in Brazil. I've faced the challenge of leading a cluster whose main objective was to acculturate a total greenfield market with an extremely innovative product. My professional growth has been enormous and immeasurable, it has definitely been one of the most amazing experiences of my career.
Gabriela Iglesias
Account Manager, Brazil


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